G Business Explorer - G Map Leads Finder

A tool for business leads, one click to find lead from Google Maps, includes phone numbers, emails, social media profiles, and more.


Data-Rich Leads

Whether it's a local coffee shop or a multinational corporation, our tool can help you find potential leads across a wide range of businesses.

Broad Business Coverage

Tailor your search criteria to target specific business categories, locations, or keywords, ensuring you obtain the most relevant and valuable leads.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the G Business Explorer?

You can install the G Business Explorer directly from the Chrome Web Store. Click on the "Add to Chrome" button and follow the prompts to enable the extension in your browser.

Is my data safe with G Business Explorer?

Absolutely. We prioritize your privacy and security. The G Business Explorer does not store or share your data.

What types of businesses can I search for with this tool?

You can search for any type of business listed on Google Maps. Our tool will help you extract relevant information from these listings.

Do I need coding skills to use this?

No coding experience is required. The extension has a simple and user-friendly interface that anyone can use.

How can I scrape Google Maps results in bulk?

If you need to scrape Google Maps results in bulk, we recommend visiting website at https://gmapsleads.com/.

Contact Us

Send us an email at info@gbusinessexplorer.com if you have any questions. We'll help you out.

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